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Modicum Planning Ltd

Logo and Website for Modicum Planning Ltd.


Modicum Planning were looking for a graphic designer to creat a logo that reflects the work they do with communities working together like cogs in a machine.

You can see the process here that led to the final design:

1. I begin with a branding questionnaire that helps me better understand the essence of the business and what the client's likes and dislikes are.

2. From the questionnaire I do some research and moodboards to see what sort of imagery is used within the industry and what competitors are doing.

3. Then I do some brainstorming and word association to come up with key words that capture the critical elements of the business. You can see some pages from my sketchbook here to see that process in action.

4. Then I begin scribbbling out ideas and thumbnails.

5. The best ideas from step 4 are worked up on the computer and then I present several concepts to the client to choose from. Each with an explanation of the reasoning behind each one.

I enjoy creating logos that mean something and relate closely to the business and the client and are more than just a random icon with a nice font.

6. Once the final design is chosen, refined and signed off, I create a set of brand style guidelines that ensure that all communications from the company are on brand and consistent.


To see the website design click the link below.

Anne adopted a professional, friendly and customer-focused approach in supporting Modicum Planning with brand and website development. I am very pleased with my new website and grateful for the excellent advice she provides.

Rachel Hogger MRTPI, Modicum Planning

The words that I ended up with that I felt captured the essence of Modicum Planning were:


From here, I researched and doodled what imagery comes to mind when thinking about these words. And common themes were:

cogs | lightbulbs | jigsaw pieces | people | nature | houses | hands | connections | trees | books | joining the dots | google arrow blimp

Some of these I experimented with and discounted as they seemed too commonplace or overused. Jigsaw pieces and lightbulbs are everywhere! So I instead focused more on the kinds of things that they deal with day to day:

Communities, People, Buildings, Nature

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