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The Hessian Coffee Company


I've been working for Hessian Coffee for a number of years, initially to design packaging for them, including coffee foils, labels and a delivery box.

They had a strong idea that they wanted to tell the 'story of coffee' from seed to cup with the packaging design. They are a company that are passionate about coffee and about educating people about where coffee comes from and the processes involved.

They wanted me to illustrate the story of coffee in one continuous line, like a thread from a hessian sack unravelling.

This illustration formed the starting point for the packaging design, and is used either in full or in part across all of their marketing materials.

I also did an illustration of some coffee leaves to go in the background of their packaging as a shiny foil layer.

They have a range of different coffee blends and wanted labels for the packaging which would be easy to see at a glance which blend it was, and this is where the secondary colour pallet came from. I designed a range of coloured strips to denote each blend. And these colours became the secondary colour pallet within their brand guidelines and are used in support of their primary pallet of Red, Black and White.

The packaging design has been rolled out on to lots of items, including bomber jackets, crockery and their delivery van.

Hessian came back to me to design their trade brochure for them, and also a leaflet to distribute to their new 'home' market as they adapt their business post Covid lockdown. Both of these projects required more bespoke illustrations following the same style as I created for their packaging.

They have a lovely video on their website and YouTube that you can see here, which shows the packaging I designed being used in the production line.

Anne is a fantastic client focused designer with an understanding across print and web with a keen eye for detail. We worked with Anne first for our product packaging to include a printed foil, over labels and a outer box that reflects our brand and personality. To say we are pleased with the outcome is an understatement. We then decided to produce a printed brochure which went through many versions from our end and Anne’s patience was saintly! I would recommend Anne without hesitation. 

Niall McCrae: Director - The Hessian Coffee Company

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