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Little Hadham Parish News

Monthly Magazine

I've been editor of the Little Hadham Parish News since December 2019.

I gave it a refreshed redesign, making the most of the colour printing that we are lucky enough to do, giving each issue a vibrant full colour photo cover, usually a photo sent in by one of our readers of a beautiful scene from our village. I try to keep them seasonal and am building up a library of suitable cover photos from all seasons.

I totally refreshed the look and feel of the magazine inside too, choosing a more readable, clear, typeface and slightly larger point size as our demographic includes many older residents. I introduced columns to improve readability and give me more flexibility with the layouts.


We are supported by a range of local advertisers and running the sales and management of the ads is another big part of the job. Most advertisers send their own adverts in but I do also offer a service designing the adverts for clients who would like something a bit more eyecatching or if they just fancy a refresh.

I also introduced a puzzles page with a cryptic crossword that my Dad sets for me. I recently got into (trying to) solve cryptic crosswords over lockdown 1.0! And these are a great place to start.

You can view the back issues here.

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