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Little Hadham Neighbourhood Plan

Local Neighbourhood Plan Group Demographic: Residents of Little Hadham Village.


I am really proud to have been selected to create an identity logo and communications materials for the beautiful village of Little Hadham where I live. The group wanted something clean and professional that the whole village could be proud of and that would encourage everyone in the village to respond to their questionnaires and get involved in shaping the future of the area.


The key words that came out of my research were: Green, Peaceful and Connected. The colour palette reflects the gorgeous leafy greens of the village and the simple, clean illustration style highlights the key features of the village whilst helping to capture the relaxed atmosphere. I wanted to evoke a sense of connectedness, as the village has a great sense of community and also more literally, great transport links to London, Cambridge and the rest of the world with Stansted Airport just minutes away. So I used one long connected line to link up all the illustrations and give the sense of everything being interconnected.

I created some brand guidelines for the identity once everything was signed off so that all further communications from the group would look uniformed.

I was also employed to put together the 94 page Character Assessment document for the Neighbourhood Plan Group, incorporating elements of the identity that I had created for them. As well as creating numerous leaflets, advertisements and large scale graphics including A1 flip chart graphics for a workshop they ran and a large scale PVC banner to hang outside the Village Hall to advertise the workshop.

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